Bus rider shot at while on bus

It was a terrifying bus ride for a Honolulu man going to work last week. He says a gunshot hit the window six inches from his head.

Unfortunately, incidents like this are more frequent than you might think.

Bus repairmen say bus windows are shot at often in the summer, sometimes twice a day, averaging several times a month.

One rider, who says he feels like a target, wonders why more isn't being done.

Dave Marvin was riding the bus on his way to work last Wednesday, heading Ewa-bound on Ala Moana.

A gunshot coming from the Ala Moana Park direction hit the window.

He and another rider asked the driver to call police, but that didn't happen.

"No seriousness was taken whatsoever. You'd think with all the trouble that somebody sniped a bus -- and by the way the bullet hole was 6 inches from my head--so clearly it was a head shot they were going for," says Marvin.

Bus officials say standard procedure is to call police after such incidents. This time, a bus supervisor completed a report, but law enforcement was not involved. Bus officials said today they're investigating why.

Bus officials say b-b guns are most often used to vandalize bus windows. When we shot two guns at a sample bus window, the b-b gun made barely an impact. But a 22-caliber gun did damage similar to what Marvin says happened.

Our test gun was at a much closer range -- the gunshot in Marvin's incident did not penetrate the plastic lining behind the glass bus window.

He was not injured.
Ho, I stay scared now. I always lean on the glass window, and what if a bullet hit me?

Why, can return fire while leaning out the door? LOL