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    Default Bold and Beautiful: Formatting text!

    The software allows you to format and enhance the text of your posts. You can either use the word-processor-like buttons that appear when you start a new post or reply, or special codes (or tags) as you type to format on the fly.

    They allow you to bold text, underline text, italicize text... You can create numbred or bulleted lists, add hyperlinks to other sites, and do lots of other useful things.

    Hands down, though, my favorite custom code is the "spoiler" tag. Finally, an elegant solution to the "don't give away the ending!" problem that vexes other discussion venues. If you want to talk about the surprise ending of a movie, or who won the Oscar before everyone in Hawaii or someone taping the show would want to know, just wrap the giveaway in "spoiler" tags and save them the anguish.

    For example, if you figure someone hasn't seen The Crying Game, Citizen Kane or The Sixth Sense, you can hide the spoilers so only people who want to know the truth will see it, by clicking a little button like this:

    She's a man! It's his sled! And he's dead!

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    Default Re: Bold and Beautiful: Formatting text!

    As far as the spoiler tag goes, this is great! No more scrolling through blank lines to get to the spoiler!

    I only wish I could add to the reputation.
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    Default Re: Bold and Beautiful: Formatting text!

    Helen's reputation questions are addressed here, and now in the FAQ.

    Meanwhile, as mel reported in his Mac OS thread, the fancy editor interface and its formatting buttons don't work in all browsers on all platforms. So, it might be easier to use the bracketed codes than the clickable buttons when composing a post.

    One thing you might want to check, though, is if your account preferences are set to use the best default message editor interface. In addition to having a compatible browser, you need to be using the system's "Enhanced" editor for all the buttons to work as expected.

    How do you set your default editor?

    Log in, go to the User Control Panel (User CP), click on "Edit Options," then scroll down to "Miscellaneous Options." There you'll find a setting for "Message Editor Interface." There's "Enhanced," "Standard," and "Basic."

    Obviously, "Enhanced," when working properly, gives you all the buttons that work like they do in a word processor. If you have problems with it, try "Standard," which is similar, but requires more steps and tends to insert things at the end, meaning it works best only if you use the buttons as you type (rather than after the fact). Finally, there's "Basic," which doesn't do anything fancy, and might be the way to go if you prefer to format text with the bracketed codes anyway.


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