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    Spent some time working on a Christmas present, dubbing a old LP to CD and cleaning it up. It made me wonder what happen to the recording studio/record label "Sounds of Hawaii" that used to be on Young street. More importantly, what' happened to their master tapes.

    Thought I'd throw the question out there.

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    Last I knew, the masters were owned by the Lehua & Mahalo labels, now part of Surfside Hawai`i. This is the contact info I had for them a few years ago:

    Surfside Hawai`i, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1207
    Honolulu, Hawai`i 96807-1207

    They put out a lot of Hui `Ohana, Melveen Leed and Jerry Byrd, among others, and have reissued quite a few albums on CD (50 or so).

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    Perfect! That got me going the right direction. I found the website at


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    Rescue the master tapes.
    Tropical climates do not favor their survival.

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    Unfortunately, they say they don't have them - at least not the ones I'm looking for.


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