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I should refuse to answer on principle for that "LOL," but... okay.

The company was Kilinahe (my wife), Alex (our youngest son), and local food maven glossyp and her partner.
What do you mean, "partner"? Business partner? Or are you using the oddly disengaged, unromantic P.C. term for "lover"? I'm not criticizing, just curious. I hear "partner" all the time lately ... well, during the past 10 or 15 years, and I never know what it means any more. We (my friends) used to say "lover" for same-sex or opposite-sex couples; now people say "partner" for same-sex couples, but that just sounds so damn dull and boring for something that should be joyous and fun. Then again, if you're talking about a business partner, or a golfing partner, or a bridge partner, or whatever, then I guess ... that's different, and makes sense to me. Not that you care what I think ... these are just my late-night, can't-sleep thoughts on a subject that popped into my head as I was reading your post.

Um ... k'den.