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    There's more incidents of creepy people on the Bus even with a videocamera in the Bus. There's selfish bus riders. I witness one guy with a fake service dog bully elderly ladies so that he can sit in the handicap seats with his dog.

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    I think part of the problem of this report from KITV did not address which of the 2 buses involved in this accident should have had the seat belts for the passengers. Please bear in mind one of the buses is a school bus which for years have been the subject of having them install seat belts for the passengers. The other bus was a mass transit bus from TheBus, which to my knowledge has not been the subject of having seat belts installed for the passengers.

    Also the report doesn't say of the people who were injured on TheBus if there were standing or sitting at the time of the accident.

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    Will the bus drivers say that the Bus is not moving unless everyone has their seat belts on?

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    They want more riders for The Rail.

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