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    Default Has Hollywood Ran Out Of Ideas....

    ....or just gotten lazy? I ask this question to ALL the HT movie fans out there.
    This thread came into being when I heard that they are thinking of "remaking" the classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. With all the terrible movies coming out based on classic(and non-classic) TV shows, Comicbooks, Broadway Plays, and Crappy sequels, It seems to me that a good movie is a rare thing.

    I bet Entertainment Weekly's predition that "the DaVinci Code " will be 2006's BIG Blockbuster will come true, because of the hype and it original storyline based on a great book.

    Maybe EW said it best with this statement:
    And in an effort to draw Americans back to the movies after 2005's record plunge, theater owners will be offering every moviegoer a free baby penguin with the purchase of a large combo snack.
    Let Hollywood just take thier time to make good movies again.
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