A couple of comments:

A. Yeah about the line in costco...seems kinda bad that you thought the guy in front of you was being rude. The guy was friendly or didn't show much courtesy..but still he didn't do anything wrong...Kinda like offering your food to other people while eating...it would be nice..but not necessary.

B. BAck to the point...I do feel that popeyes is kinda ghetto..but you could say that about lots of restaurants in the area. Personally I love popeyes and I hope they make more.

C. My buddy used to work at the popeyes in waimalu(now is genki i think). Yeah it was kinda bad then. Employees did hang out in the main area..that and loud music. Probably just some bad management rules allowing certain conduct.

D. Zippy's on the other hand is a very strict work place..having worked there for 4 years during highschool i understand that they had specific rules and conduct.

E. Swearing and vulgar language has just become more acceptable in the mainstream society. Its just how it is. I might swear with my buddies..but if we are at a restaurant or where kids are near by i usually mention it to everybody....Its all part of that moral decay of our society that the religious nuts/republicans are always talking about.