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Please stop talking about Y. Hata/MidCity Restaurant Supply's retail store on Sand Island Access Rd., the Web site of which can be found at yhata.com for store hours, driving directions, etc.
... and where great deals on all-kine stuff, esp. for your cooking/party/entertaining needs can be found.
I want it to remain "my little secret."
This is good stuff to know. I had somehow always been under the impression that Y. Hata, whose office and warehouse used to be located at Fort Armstrong back behind the old Gold Bond Building, was a wholesale-only grocery distribution outfit. This was also a company whose management seemed to be quite frugal in the way of buying any new equipment for moving their frieight, such as flatbed trucks and forklifts which dated back to the 40's and 50's, as they kept on repairing (they had a small repair shop run by two local Japanese WWII-era mechanics) the antiquated machinery instead of buying anything new. I remember all this because I used to tow and haul their equipment for them whenever they broke down. Dang, I wish I knew they sold retail back then.