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    I am SO enjoying this discussion - mahalo!

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    POTUS, SCOTUS, CONUS...all have military/political implications. Why not call the Mainland "NA"...that would have sooo much more meaning to many of the people of Hawai'i!


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    Of course, if Hawai`i were still an independent nation, this wouldn't be an issue, would it? If only those obnoxious merchants had a clue over a century ago that they would be causing such a ruckus for a little, monthly, free, community newspaper, the course of history would have taken quite a different path, I am certain. Now they have truly earned my wrath, and I am so steamed that I...I...I shake my fist at their memories! (Whew! Now I feel better. Sorry to have gotten so all worked up.)

    (I hope you all imagined David Hyde Pierce's voice ion your heads as you read that.)

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    YOU FOLKS MUST VIEW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for shouting!

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    hey that was a cool video- thanks!



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