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Moving from Chicago to Oahu

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  • Moving from Chicago to Oahu

    Hello Everyone: Looking for advice on all aspects of moving to Oahu.

    Husband will be working at Pearl Harbor. I am a Registered Nurse. We have one child still living with us; he will be in Middle School. So...the questions...

    1. I hear one of the best school districts is Aikahi (?in the Kailua area?)
    2. Commutes from the Leeward side eastward are difficult; where would be
    the best place to live if you were commuting to Pearl Harbor and Queens
    3. We have been looking at Ocean Pointe area of Ewa Beach; does anyone
    have any positives and/or negatives about that move?
    4. Anyone have ideas on private schools and cost?
    5. Other areas we are looking, Aiea, Kapolei, Windward areas; anything info
    you would like to share would be appreciated
    6. We are also looking for a Christian church with a contemporary flavor.

    I thank anyone in advance for their time and input.

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    Re: Moving from Chicago to Oahu

    Originally posted by gailalice2000 View Post
    [...]6. We are also looking for a Christian church with a contemporary flavor.
    Faith and places of worship are such personal choices. I've attended services at both New Hope Christian Fellowship and Unity Church at Diamond Head and enjoyed both for different reasons. I'm not disciplined enough to attend any church regularly. If your middle school child will be attending with you my guess is he might be more interested in the former.

    As an aside, on the NHCF site, under "latest videos", click on Tiffany Thurston. Dang, that gal has pipes! That video was taped at a service. And, their annual Christmas play is not to be missed. I think it's the best theater experience in the State.

    Welcome to HT and, eventually, to Hawaii!


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      Re: Moving from Chicago to Oahu

      Aloha nui,

      My friend Alana aka achow is from 'Ewa Beach. I hope you can meet her in person when you've moved there. I wish you a safe trip.

      E komo mai!


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        Re: Moving from Chicago to Oahu

        Yes, commutes from the Leeward side eastward are difficult so I don't know if you'd want to move to Ocean Pointe in Ewa Beach, or Kapolei. The traffic is awful. I live in Ewa Beach, but I also work there so it's not a problem for me, but my hubby has to drive into town daily and complains a lot about the traffic!
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          Re: Moving from Chicago to Oahu

          regarding public schools, you might find this, from honolulu magazine, helpful.

          it's a compilation of dept of education data on hawaii schools that includes performance as well as teacher and parent satisfaction.

          here's honolulu magazine's most recent guide to private schools. tuition is noted for each school.
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            Re: Moving from Chicago to Oahu

            Thanks for the information. I am sure it will be very helpful.