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  • (More) Aloha from Arizona

    Hi all!

    I see I'm the 3rd person from Tucson to post an introduction in the past couple months. I guess there's nothing like an Arizona summer to make you dream of the islands.

    I have visited Hawai'i twice - the Big Island in 2001 and Kaua'i in 2006. For the past 2 years I've been fascinated with everything Hawaiian. I love learning about the history, culture, language, sports (Sugah Bowl!), and just everyday life.

    I've read many threads on this board but after seeing a couple of fellow Tucsonans join it I felt it was as good a time as any to jump in myself.

    Thank you for the great place to talk about Hawai'i!

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    Re: (More) Aloha from Arizona

    Aloha and welcome Desert Isle!
    Yes our summers are a definite inspiration to dream of Hawaii.
    Do you plan to move there as well?
    I actually like Tucson and have lived here for 15 years, but as soon as the housing market turns around a little, we're going for it!

    Let's just hope the monsoon really kicks in this year!
    Have fun on the forum,


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      Re: (More) Aloha from Arizona

      Aloha Desert Isle and thornpicker - from one fellow Tucsonan to another!

      Let us know if you have plans to relocate Desert Isle - by your post it sounds like it!


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        Re: (More) Aloha from Arizona

        Never been to either of those islands, although we almost went to the Big Island.

        I love Arizona so much!

        Aloha mai!


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          Re: (More) Aloha from Arizona

          Thank you all for the welcomes!

          I don't have any current plans to relocate to Hawai'i. I love Tucson and my family roots are getting pretty deep here. But the summers are always a challenge, so maybe I'll just have to have 2 homes someday.