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  • Aloha from England

    Firstly what a great site

    Just wanted to drop in an introduce ourselves, as you already know we are from england where today its very cloudy and rainy, but at least its not too cold.

    My wife debbie and myself Alan will be visiting Hawaii in September this year and cant wait to explore the islands as well as to read more on here.

    I found this site through google in the hope we could gain more insight to what lays ahead.

    We look forward to asking questions and reading the replies as we go on.

    Our itiniary is something like this;

    12th September 2008

    Fly from Manchester England on US Airways to Philly, 3 hours later catch another flight to Vegas where we will stay for one night before catching another flight to LA for 3 nights, then on to hawaii for 9 nights then back to vegas for the remainder, just a breif outlook.

    all flights are US Airways except in Hawaii, where they will be by a budget airline where i belive they are always coming under fire for one thing or another and not rated highly, oh least they wont be major flights

    speak to you all soon!!!

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    Re: Aloha from England


    Is that Hawai'i meaning the Big Island? I almost went there but went to Maui for the second time instead. Have a great trip and please report back to us about what you did!


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      Re: Aloha from England

      How's jolly ol' Engalund? I have a friend in the Air Force who's currently stationed there. Another friend of mines loves visiting there because she gets constantly hit on. "Are you Irish, love?"

      I hope you have a nice flight and enjoy your stay in the islands, come September.

      Nice pic of the moon, btw.
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        Re: Aloha from England

        Hi there glad to see other uk members here thought I was the only chick on the sandie beach here..