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  • Alojahs!

    Howzit! My name is Janita but people call me Nita. Mom of 3 blessings, coming to you from Kaneohe. I like the vbulletin layout...familiar with use'n it. Nice to meet all of you, hope to chat soon. Be easy and Mahalo for letting me join!

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    Re: Alojahs!

    Howzit, and welcome to the Ohana, Nita. Yes, vbulletin is great, and the admin here really do a great job keeping it working for us.

    There are members from all over the globe here, and I myself live in California. Wishing it was Kaneohe, or parts nearby. Enjoy the discussions.



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      Re: Alojahs!

      Aloha, Nita.

      We got an interesting place here - just like home, with critical info, family squabbles, cliques, good down-home friends, and more opinions than you can fit in a hat.

      Some folk will seem to be insulting at times, expecting you to be the same as them (especially the super-knowledgeable), but just ignore any perceived insults (as they know not what they speak) and settle in to the warm aloha that the rest of us will provide.

      You are welcome here, and respected. Never forget that.
      Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Taken!
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      Spreading the virus of ALOHA.
      Oh Chu. If only you could have seen what I've seen, with your eyes.


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        Re: Alojahs!

        Aloha, welcome to HT!

        An email from God:
        To: People of Earth
        From: God
        Date: 9/04/2007
        Subject: stop

        knock it off, all of you

        seriously, what the hell



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          Re: Alojahs!

          Yo Nita and welcome. You will find people here from all around the world. I live in England but I am meeting some Hawaiian members in I reland next week.
          Kick your shoes off and join right in.