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  • Aloha :)

    I've been lurking around here for about a week, made a couple of posts. I just realized I have not properly introduced myself.

    My name is Mike and I am currently living in central Oregon. I've been here about a year. Before that I lived in Tahoe for almost 15 years.

    In spring '99 my friends and I decided to got to the islands. The three of us Airhitched over there to Maui. We got a six-pack on Hawaiian or Aloha, to get over to Kauai (one trip there, one trip back to Maui each). Spent two weeks over there camping, the first with a rental car to get to know the island. Before the end of our two weeks my friends had decided to leave early, just as I decided to stay longer. I met some great people who were on their way back to Maui who I would meet up with later.
    After my friends left I hiked out to Kalalau, WOW words do not do it justice.

    After Kalalau I went over to Maui and stayed there for about three weeks. I spent most of my time in Hana and then rented a car for the last week to do the "tourist" things (Haleakala, Lahaina, Waipio).
    I fell in love with the islands. The "vibe" of the place was like none other, that vibe fit me like a glove. Never in my life have I met nicer or kinder people then I met over there. People going out of their way for a total stranger was commonplace. Sure there Was some bad and there were some mean people like anywhere else. But the good over there is oh so good! When I left a little part of me stayed there, and I have been longing ever since.

    Mahalo for the privilege for joining this forum, for the great advice in the archives and the great advice yet to come!

    Much love,


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    Re: Aloha

    Welcome to our Ohana, Mike. I loved reading about your trip to the Islands. You will meet great folks here, very helpful and friendly to newcomers or malahinis.

    I look forward to getting to know you better. BTW, I'm in Anaheim, and longing to go back to paradise, like you.



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      Re: Aloha

      Welcome, Sunriseshell. You sound like my kind of people- doing anything to stay around the islands longer. It either gets to you or it doesn't (and the Waikiki strip doesn't count!)

      Glad to have you around.

      Can't think of anything creative this time