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Aloha from Oregon :)

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  • Aloha from Oregon :)


    My name is Meg. I live in Oregon with my partner and our 14 month old son. (I said 15 in my email .. uh .. whoops, how sad is that? )

    I've been to Hawai'i with my partner twice over the last 5 years, once to O'ahu and another to the big island. I love the place and the culture! I also studied Hawaiian a little bit in my spare time, here and there. 'Ike pono!

    I'm a big fan of IZ and Keali'i Reichel. Also hula kahiko .. never made it to a Merrie Monarch but I've watched a few online. It's not the same, but it's better than nothing.

    I miss having a connection to the 'aina and my experiences there. I've got no plans to move or anything at the moment, but I sure miss it. We're going to make another trip soon and I was hoping to ask for some advice on that, especially in regards to our son. (Will get to that on another thread if I don't find it from searching.)

    What else .. I'm nutters for anything Avatar (the Cameron flavor, not the Airbender flavor, though I've been meaning to check that out too). Kaltxì, ma eylan! Oel ayngati kameie. Ayngaru lu fpom srak?

    I'll try not to have to stick my foot in my mouth too much and mahalo for having me!
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