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Finally.... Saying Hello!

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  • Finally.... Saying Hello!

    Aloha Kakahiaka,
    I have been visiting and reading the messages here for so long, and have finally come out of cyberspace to say hello. Hawaiithreads has been a lifeline of sorts for me. When I say lifeline I mean in terms of a centering place. There have been many days here in the Northeast where the conversations that I have read on here have occupied my thoughts and just fueled my sense of wellbeing. When I was younger, growing up in rural New Hampshire, I used to get a surfing magazine from our local store that the owner ordered escpecially for me. The odd thing was, I wasn't looking so much at the awesome surf pictures, I was searching for glimpses of Hawaii. (This was pre-internet)... When the mags showed pics of people in HI, I was always searching the backround for authentic way of life. Looking past the camera wielding tourists, the people dressed like they just came from Park Avenue in NYC. When I would spot what I thought was someone just going on with their own daily life (riding a bike with a surf board on their head and a grocery bag hanging from the elbow) I would lose myself in thought about that persons day and life. It was my escape. I can truely say I have never felt at home until my maiden voyage to Oahu. It took me 35 years to get there, but I made it. While I will admit that there were moments of curiosity surrounding the tourist traps, I was the happiest and most at peace when I was away from those things. One of my most poignant moments was visiting Wahiawa at the site of the Kukalinoko Stones. My life has been devoted to supporting women during pregnancy, labor, and birth. So visiting this site was incredibly soul shaking. While taking turns driving everywhere with my friend, everywhere roads go and them some, I found myself doing the same thing I used to do when looking through those magazines all those years ago. I could spend hours just watching, appreciating, and wanting to soak up everything I could off the beaten path. I have seen Auntie (Hi Auntie) refer to the beat of the drums that calls Hawai'i's own. Oddly enough, this east coast girl has the beat in her heart. Granted, I know there are obvious circumstances that don't allow Hawai'i to be my HOME, but it is in my heart and I feel like I have been traveling all my life, waiting to come home. My next voyage will be to Kauai in the fall, this time with my husband and three daughters. So, my apologies for a lengthy aloha, but I wanted to let all of you know that you have unwittingly become a part of my ohana.
    A hui hou kakou,

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    Re: Finally.... Saying Hello!

    Aloha and Welcome Honumel! I'm supposed to have my computer turned off ~ my daughter arrived last night. I'm sneaking. She's asleep. heheheh

    Anyway's, what a lovely post! I'm glad I came on to HT this morning to read. You gave me chicken skin. Yes, The "Drums of the Islands" can call anyone home!

    Auntie Lynn
    Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
    Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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      Re: Finally.... Saying Hello!

      Welcome aboard Honumel
      Whoa, Mista Buss Driva, eh, you can stop the buss o wat?