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    Thanx to Bill Wynne, now of Jew Jersey but always with Hawaii in his heart, he has put his time, soul, and vast rare recordings collection of Hawaiian music on the net waves at usually with a focus on the steel guitar, but always the best in Hawaiian music.

    Bill is a fine steel guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, past and future winner of the yearly Hawaii Falsetto Contests at the Hawaii Theater, and put's on this weekly program to perpetuate the steel, which was invented in Laie, Oahu during the late 1800s, is the State instrument, and has been the signature sound of Hawaii for nearly 100 yrs.

    Please tune in and support this gentleman's weekly efforts to perpetuate the home grown sounds of the islands.
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    50th State Radio

    Support the Hawaiian steel guitar and the best in Hawaiian music, by... tuning in to
    You'll be glad you did!