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    Any takers? Includes original OS-X and utility disks, usable battery life, power adapter and even the cool white box it was purchased in along with the packing material.

    The color is white
    The screen is 12" diagonal
    The OS is OS-X version 10.4.10 clean install
    The processor is a PowerPC G4 running 1.33Ghz
    The RAM is whatever came with it (128Mb I think)
    The Hard Drive capacity is 40Gb
    The Optical drive is a DVD/CD-burner
    The battery life is about 1.5 hours of use
    The Machine Model is PowerBook 6.7
    The condition is clean and well-kept

    It is internet ready with built in wireless and bluetooth connectivity. This unit runs and looks good however there are no applications other than what came with it.

    I'll even throw in an older PowerBook G3 Bronze for free

    The color is black
    The keyboard is a clear bronze
    The OS is OS-9
    The screen size is 14" diagonal
    The processor is a PowerPC G3 running at 333Mhz
    The RAM is 128Mb
    The Hard drive is I believe 4Gb
    The optical drive is a CD-ROM (no burning capacity)
    The battery is dead

    This unit boots up to the desktop and functions normally
    Cosmetically it's in good shape with no damage to the display or keyboard
    It comes preloaded with MS Excel, Power Point, Word and includes Adobe PhotoDeluxe. Included with this unit is the power adapter only, no OS disk.

    I'm selling both units as one item (the G3 is actually a freebee) for $500 or $550 with installed 512Mb of RAM in the G4.

    Both units have valid operating systems and both function normally

    I live on the Big Island in Keaau.
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    Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.

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    Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.


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      Re: ibook G4

      Congrats! Now you can buy all kinds of Spam Singles =)