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Surf news website wars!?

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  • Surf news website wars!?

    This could get really bizarre, but will be really interesting to follow!
    I was pleasantly stunned to see this item in today's Advertiser ( ):

    "Need to plan your surf sessions a few days in advance? North Shore or south shore? When's the next swell?
    A new Web site can help answer those questions for surfers. was created last week, and is self-described as "Hawai'i's newest, most innovative surf portal." The primary feature is live updates on surf conditions around the state.
    "We cover all the major surf spots, including the Neighbor Islands," said Jamie DeMatoff, the founder of the site. (...)
    According to DeMatoff, meteorologist George Mason is "the backbone" of the site. By tracking weather systems around the Pacific Ocean, Mason is able to predict surf conditions up to two weeks in advance.
    "We are the only Web site with a 14-day outlook for south shores, and a 10-day outlook for north shores," DeMatoff said.
    In conjunction with the Web site, call 637-7874 for daily updates on surf conditions."

    Now, what's interesting about this (to those of us in the media biz) is that Jamie "Rock Warrior" DeMatoff is not only a local DJ but he's also been one of the reporters on Gary Kewley's troubled "Surf News Network" for years and years. But suddenly here he is with a competing website and a competing surf hot-line.
    Will this turn into a mega legal battle? Gary and SNN have tried totally unsuccessfully to sue other of his former partners and employees, including "Surfer Joe" Teipel, so can a lawsuit (presumably unsuccessful again) against Jamie DeMatoff be far behind?
    There's a fascinating backstory here. Too bad Dayton and the Advertiser didn't start asking some of the obvious questions.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.