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  • Sleepover... for 100 Girls

    An odd feature in today's Star-Bulletin: Girls' Night In.

    I couldn't figure out what was behind it... the movie "Sleepover" or the local teen girls' magazine Sassy. Both ventures seemed prominently, if awkwardly, placed (note the "Sassy Mag" hat). It seemed unlikely to me that Vicky, Leilani and Kapua "took over an Ewa Beach house for a pajama party last weekend" spontaneously, with George Lee coincidentally dropping in on all the fun. (Did George have to wear PJs too?)

    Oh, there it is, later in the story: "Shiroma Perreira, co-publisher and editor in chief of Sassy and G magazine, was the girls' host for the evening." A PR photo shoot turned feature story...

    And Perreira's planning a sleepover in a hotel ballroom for 50 to 100 girls next year. A hundred? Can it "be intimate enough for the girls to get to know each other"? Will there be porta potties in the ballroom, or are they going to have to wander around outside the Pikake Room in their nighties?

    It makes sense for a paper to take cues from pop culture at large and find hooks to report on in the local community... but this "feature" just felt a little off. Or is it just me?
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    Re: Sleepover... for 100 Girls

    Slow day at the features desk, maybe? Sometimes it's fun to do a silly lifestyle article. I remember a story from a while ago where local model Tina Kasuya went butch and tried to pass as a man.