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When KIPO was a small station

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  • When KIPO was a small station

    The last time Hawaii Public Radio was doing their pledge drive, the folks on HPR-2 were reminding listeners when HPR-2 was just KIPO, the small station (3,000 watts) in West Oahu. In the early 1990s, I experienced first-hand how weak the old KIPO was. I couldn't get KIPO in Kaimuki or Kolekole Pass. I'm curious about other places on Oahu where the old KIPO could not be heard.

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    Re: When KIPO was a small station

    Laie, North Shore was impossible. HPR also had for a while 1380 AM which was KIFO. In 1996 they played a news format.

    Here is a dial list from 1996:

    THE HAWAII RADIO & TELEVISION GUIDE * Radio Station Frequency Master List
    Updated November 1996.
     88.1  K H P R          Honolulu       Classical Music & News (NPR)
     89.3  K I P O          Honolulu       Classical, Jazz, World Music
     90.3  K T U H          Honolulu       Free Form Radio (U of H)
     90.7  K K U A          Maui           Classical Music & News (NPR) +
     92.3  K S S K          Honolulu       Adult Contemporary Music
     92.7  K A O E          Hilo           Album rock, jazz & reggae *
     93.1  K Q M Q          Honolulu       Top 40 Contemporary Hits **
     93.5  K P O A          Maui           Hawaiian Music & Jazz
     93.5  K Q N G          Kauai          Contemporary Hits
     93.9  K I K I          Honolulu       I-94 FM: CHR, Urban, Rap, Dance
     93.9  K L U A          Kona           Adult Contemporary Music
     94.3  K D L X          Maui           Contemporary Country Music
     94.7  K U M U          Honolulu       Easy Listening Music
     94.7  K W X X          Hilo           Contemporary Hits/Island Music
     95.1  K A O I          Maui           Album rock, jazz & reggae *
     95.5  K A I M          Honolulu       Contemporary Christian Music
     95.9  K P V S          Hilo           Adult Contemporary Music
     96.3  K R T R          Honolulu       Krater 96 Adult Contemporary Music
     96.9  K F M N          Kauai          Adult Contemporary Hits/Oldies
     97.1  K N W B          Hilo           "Wave FM": New age & jazz
     97.5  K P O I          Honolulu       Modern Rock/Alternative
     97.9  K K B G          Hilo           Hot Adult Contemporary Hits
     98.3  K M V I          Maui           Arrow 98.3: Classic Rock
     98.5  K K L V          Honolulu       Live 98.5 Classic Rock
     99.5  K O R L          Honolulu       Tourist Information Radio
     99.9  K N U I          Maui           Contemporary Hits
    100.3  K C C N          Honolulu       FM 100 Island Music & Reggae
    100.3  K H W I          Hilo           K-Hawaii: Adult Contemporary Hits
    101.1  K L H I          Maui           Oldies
    101.5  K A O Y          Kona           Album rock, jazz & reggae *
    101.9  K U C D          Honolulu       CD-101.9 Hawaii's "Smooth Jazz"
    102.7  K D E O          Honolulu       Radio Free Hawaii: Alternative Music
    103.7  K N U Q          Paauilo        Contemporary Hits Q-103.7 FM ++
    103.7  K N U Q          Maui           Contemporary Hits Q-103.7 FM ++
    104.7  K O N I          Maui           Contemporary Hits
    105.1  K I N E          Honolulu       Hawaiian Music
    105.5  K P M W          Maui           Filipino Music, News, Programs
    105.5  K R T R          Kona           Adult Contemporary music +++
    106.1  K L E O          Kona           Simulcast from KBIG
    106.9  K W Y I          Kawaihae       Contemporary Hits
    107.7  K K O A          Hilo           Today's Hot Country Hits
    107.9  K G M Z          Honolulu       Album rock, jazz & reggae *
     550  K M V I          Maui           Oldies; Hawaiian Music
     570  K O N G          Kauai          Adult Contemporary Music
     590  K S S K          Honolulu       Adult Contemporary Music, News
     620  K I P A          Hilo           News & talk; Popular Standards x
     620  K I P A          Kona           News & talk; Popular Standards x
     650  K H N R          Honolulu       CNN Headline News/Hawaii News
     670  K P U A          Hilo           News, talk, & sports
     690  K Q M Q          Honolulu       Top 40 Contemporary Hits **
     720  K U A I          Kauai          Contemporary, Oldies, Hawaiian
     760  K G U            Honolulu       News, talk & sports
     790  K K O N          Kona           News, Talk & Sports xx
     830  K H V H          Honolulu       News, talk & sports
     850  K H L O          Hilo           Goodtime Oldies
     870  K A I M          Honolulu       Religious Programming
     900  K N U I          Maui           Oldies / Hawaiian Music; News
     940  K J P N          Honolulu       Japanese Programming
    1040  K L H T          Honolulu       Religious Progamming
    1060  K A H U          Hilo           Hawaiian Music
    1080  K W A I          Honolulu       News, talk & sports
    1110  K A O I          Maui           News, Talk & Sports xx
    1210  K Z O O          Honolulu       Japanese Programming
    1270  K N D I          Honolulu       Ethnic & Religious Programming
    1380  K I F O          Honolulu       24 hour news and talk radio
    1420  K C C N          Honolulu       Hawaiian Music; U.H.Sports
    1460  K U L A          Honolulu       Adult Contemporary Music
    1500  K U M U          Honolulu       Popular Standards of the 40s, 50s, 60s
    1540  K I S A          Honolulu       (off the air)
    I'm still here. Are you?


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      Re: When KIPO was a small station

      Very interesting, Mel. This was before the huge consolidation tsunami hit the islands. I don't think Capstar purchased KSSK until 1997. After that, the big guys started gobbling up everyone in sight.

      Radio in the state really got hit hard after this, with AM stations basically reduced to insipid satellite-fed political and/or sports talk and pay-for-play programs. FM has fared better on Oahu than here on the Neighbor Islands. There are a few live and local programs on some of the music FMs, but after 6PM, auto pilot takes over. Hard to believe that 20 years ago most stations in the state were still live 24/7.

      One boneheaded move that still irks me involves KMVI-AM on Maui, which once possessed an impressive signal that covered all of Maui and beyond. The station has been reduced to a fraction of its coverage area. In 2011, their 450 ft. tower was replaced with a 180 ft. structure that now supports a number of cell and communications antennas (which probably bring in a lot of monthly rental revenue). The new signal is horrid. This past Fall, trying to listen to the World Series on KMVI while driving from Kahului to Hana, the signal was so bad by the time I reached Huelo (a distance of only 17 air miles), I turned off the radio.

      For years, KMVI-AM was the EBS and, later, the EAS primary station for Maui. If there was an emergency, you could tune 550 anywhere on the island and get information. That is no longer the case. Fortunately, here in Hana, HPR has added transmitters for both of their stations.


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        Re: When KIPO was a small station

        Dale I echo your sentiment about KMVI 550 AM. When I was growing up on the Big island in Honokaa that was one of the most powerful AM stations I could receive. They had a great mixed music format and the KMVI Top 35 every week... all locally produced with live announcers on all shifts.

        Seems like most AMs that were powerful and all reaching in the 1960s and 70s have all reduced their power output and are quite lame to receive over the air in many rural areas. Sad.
        I'm still here. Are you?