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  • Barry

    I just spent an hour or more composing a eulogy of our friend Barry. It's likely I will not remember all of it, and don't know why it was cut off, but such is life
    Life sucks.
    Paul Wainright
    George Paul Wainright
    Steven Paul Armstrong

    "We on Yo! Liverpool, knew him as Steven Paul Armstrong..
    his real name: George Paul Wainwright..
    aka: Paul Wainwright'

    WAINWRIGHT - PAUL. November 26, 2009. Suddenly at home, aged 62 years. Father of Liam, Claire, Sarah and Kathryn, brother of Mike and John. Reunited with Mum and Dad

    Last try,Barry a number of names because he a not only a member of Brit MI5, he was also assigned to certain undercover ops. Why he latched onto us, I think, was part of a dream.

    Because of his service toward peace, I would like to establish a place where we can drape leis in his honor. I am thinking the reclining lady on the bench at the Mauka, Eva corner of Ward, across from the Ward Gym (Honolulu Club). If anyone has a better idea, now is the time.

    Barry was part of MI5 - the Brit CIA and was the Brit equivalent of an Army Ranger. He saw some shit, and deserves much respect.

    Barry died because he had psychogenic seizures due to PTSD, I have the same thing, but pills help me. Barry had a seizure in a London pub, meeting with us, but we took good care of him. He promised to see a doctor; he either didn't or the MD was stupid.

    I loved Barry. He was good people. Quite unassuming, and very honest,

    I will miss him.

    In Memorium.

    "Barry" Paul Wainright: July 1947 - November 2009

    Rest in Peace
    Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Taken!
    ~ ~
    Spreading the virus of ALOHA.
    Oh Chu. If only you could have seen what I've seen, with your eyes.