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    how does hawaiians living in hawaii feel about hawaiians who left home to live in the mainland? hawaiian i mean at least some blood. left for what ever reason. any circumstance.

    i used to not like hawaiians moving away from home and now i'm one of em.

    i thought we had to stay home, live da life, live the cause.

    i hunt and fish all my life, da real deal, not da wanna be kine.

    now i'm up here with hawaiians who were born mainland. trying to defend how i used to think.

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    Re: mainland hawaiians

    aloha laie, welcome to hawaiithreads! there are many reasons why many in our islands have to go to the mainland. i have many neices and nephews who had to leave due to no jobs here in the islands, cost of living and so many other things that have been discussed on the threads. there's no reason to defend yourself for having to leave the're just doing what fits your needs and surviving. you can leave the islands but the islands will not leave your heart and mind. good luck, prosper wherever you are. you already have made the place you are at brighter with aloha!

    Aunite Lynn aka Auntie Pupule
    Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
    Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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      Re: mainland hawaiians

      Aloha, La'ie.. I too am in Utah, only I'm in the southern part. My Bro-in-law lives in provo... well, cedar hills.


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        Re: mainland hawaiians

        aloha moloka'i. southern as in st. goerge? i'm in orem/provo. where in moloka'i? moloka'i is really freindly. i've grown to know 'uncle yama', and all his younger children. the davis's, up in kalae, and gene. i mainly go to hunt deer and visit.

        i hear even moloka'i is being affected by this big land buying thats going on in hawaii. i hope the hawaiians, whats left of them hold on to what they have. especially up in ho'olehua, now that they can sell hawaiian homestead.

        anyways, hope all is well with you. take care and live hawaii.


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          Re: mainland hawaiians

          Yes, southern as in St. George. I'm actually from Ho'olehua - I just went home May 26-June 7th and not a lot has changed. The McAfee guy, (The owner of McAfee antivirus) bought a ton of land on the east end and is now selling for a 10x profit. The Hawaiian people aren't happy about that, either, as you have to be bonded for a million dollars to even be a qualified bidder. So far only caucasians have bought the land.

          In ho'olehua, not much has changed. If the people have their way, that will remain.



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            Re: mainland hawaiians

            I pray for all of you with roots in the soil of Moloka'i that the land can remain as it is. My dad and his brothers and sisters lived on homestead land outside of K'kai (Kamalo) in the 40s and 50s, so out of curiosity, I took a side trip over there last year when I visited the 'aina. I love the place! It's so quiet and the people (the locals, anyway) are so friendly.

            I'm glad that last McAfee land sale kinda went south on him and that one wahine bought the whole thing so he couldn't make even more money. I guess he also decided not to buy the ahupua'a that has Iliiliopae on it (too many restrictions). It would be nice if somebody somewhere could start a fund to start a land trust to turn the remaining undeveloped ahupua'as into permanent conservation land so no one will ever be able to build there. As the supposed birthplace of the hula (piko), it would be a shame to see Moloka'i become Maui.


            P.S. Molokai and Laie: I went to school at the UofU in SLC many years ago! I love the area down south, by Zion Natl Park and Bryce Canyon.
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