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  • ? about Pearl City commute

    I'm moving back to Hawaii from CA after 13 years! I'm not from Oahu, though, so have questions for those of you in the Pearl City area.

    What is the commute from the Momilani area to downtown like? My husband will probably need to be at work by 8:00am. When should he leave by?

    I will be commuting to the Halawa Animal Quarantine Station. what will my commute be like?I need to get there by ~7:30am.

    The house is bought, I have a job, and a babysitter... I guess I'm almost ready to go!!

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    Re: ? about Pearl City commute

    It will take your hubby at least 45 minutes. Your commute will be easier as you will have a few options other than the freeway. The best thing to do is map out the various routes you can take to Halawa and try them to see what works best.

    Welcome home to Hawaii!