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From Yellowstone to Molokai

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  • From Yellowstone to Molokai

    There has been a lot of recent action in Yellowstone with the underground build up of pressure and heat from the imminent caldera mega explosion making the earth's floor there to become extremely elevated and causing the asphalt roads to melt, plus animals have long left the region. Should we witness this catastrophe in our lifetimes it will not only result in destruction of mass proportions across the US continent but beyond the typical tsunami dangers it could possibly trigger a domino effect that might cause the huge shelf along Molokai's West side to drop. If that happens, Oahu certainly and most of the State will quickly be devoid of population by a tsunami of epic size, maybe 200' or more. Sounds fun, eh? Maybe Ace Coole will be ready and finally get the ride he's always wanted and be the only survivor.