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Conservative? Liberal? Is one better?

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  • Conservative? Liberal? Is one better?

    Or are they just both different colors of the same animal?

    I was reading "The Sensitive Man" by Poul Anderson, 1954 and came across some comments that we too often fail to remember.


    "All too often in our history the vote has been simply a matter of choosing between two well-oiled machines. A sufficiently clever and determined group can take over a party, keep the name and the slogans and in a few years do a complete volte-face.


    "And what are those two views?” asked the stranger quietly.
    “You might call them libertarian and totalitarian,* though the latter don’t necessarily think of themselves as such."


    "In the past it’s always broken down sooner or later and the main reason has been that there aren’t enough people with the intelligence, alertness and toughness to resist the inevitable encroachments of power on liberty."

    These things got me to thinking:
    Who is the last leader not to fail to keep his promises?
    Who was the last leader not to switch horses in midstream?
    Which group values and cherishes our freedom, and which group imposes more and more restrictions on our liberty? (In the name of safety and comfort, of course.)

    For discussion:

    * (AKA Conservative and Liberal)
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    Re: Conservative? Liberal? Is one better?

    Very thoughtful post Kao!

    I hope the painting project is coming along nicely

    I think that the right versus left split is no longer applicable in the present day.

    The wise community works together instead of fighting .