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Gulag in NYC?

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  • Gulag in NYC?

    Very little has been said about the hundreds of protestors (for the most part nonviolent , I might add) who were arrested during the Republican National Convention. This story actually pertains very directly to you, the people of Hawaii, because 5 kids from UH were among those arrested. Below is a story that was written by one of the arrested protestors' mothers (she lives in Makawao). Some of it may be a little theatrical in tone, but I believe her facts are correct. And I understood Lingles' office to say after the fact that they were not aware that 5 Hawaii residents had been incarcerated in what sounded like gulag-like conditions?

    Hmmm...Seems like the Republicans don't like vegan, nonviolent Buddhists...


    Story here:
    "Americans believe in three freedoms. Freedom of speech; freedom of religion; and the freedom to deny the other two to folks they don`t like.” --Mark Twain

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    Re: Gulag in NYC?

    The story was almost entirely ignored by our local papers, who at the time were busy telling us about the nice flowers and clever T-shirts Lingle and crew were spreading around the convention inside. (Well, one little site did report it that same night... )

    Thanks for the pointer to the personal report. I've read a lot of first-person accounts on the web from that police sweep, and lots of reports of people who got tossed in jail just because they stepped out of a cab at the wrong corner or decided to leave their hotel at the wrong time.

    Of course, most of 'em are free to go now, since the powers that be only needed them hidden away until the nomination was accepted and everyone they were there to protest had gotten back into their SUVs and headed home.