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Masu's Massive Plate Lunch closing

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  • Masu's Massive Plate Lunch closing

    The 63-year-old proprietor of Masu's Massive Plate Lunch is retiring early because the property on which the little shop operates has just been sold (he was planning to retire when he turned 65) and he didn't want to relocate the business.

    Masu's will close Feb. 28 after 33 years, marking the end for another small kama'aina family business — one started by Paul Masuoka and his late mother, Yoshiko.

    Finance Factors recently bought the building at 1808 Liliha St. occupied by Masu's and needed the space, according to Masuoka, who said he decided against reopening elsewhere.

    "We had a really, really good run," he said. "I have the right to retire."

    Masuoka, who will be 63 next month, said he had planned to run the business until his 65th birthday, but the move by Finance Factors created a good reason to retire sooner.

    "I am just plain tired," he said. "It's really hard for just one person to do this kind of work. My mother worked till she was 87. No way would I work that long."
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    Re: Masu's Massive Plate Lunch closing

    In the adjoining story about "Mama" Masuoka, it mentions...
    David Daniel's Yuletide Bento. Here are the ingredients:

    A baked baby lobster tail stuffed with crab and bacon, charcoal broiled sirloin steak, teriyaki sauce, fried chicken, a heavy slab of baked Spam, shrimp tempura, two shoyu hot dogs and crab potato salad made with real crab meat.
    Wow, what an ono-sounding combination! Must be a pricey bento.

    Brings to memory again da' supah ono stuffed shrimp at Yuki's Coffee House (okazuya). Another place that's also history.
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      Re: Masu's Massive Plate Lunch closing

      Also being discussed in the "disappearing establishments" thread.


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        Last call....Masa's

        Well, time has come and lines from morning till closing will be CHOKE LONG!!!! but hey....they did good! Luv the LauLau, Luv that shoyu chicken!!! But I know that everything was good!!! Time to put away da apron...time fo bust out da golf clubs and especially...time for reflect on the happy and satisfied customers!!!...btw, fo you folks inquiring....last call, Wednesday da 28th of Feb.


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          Re: Last call....Masa's

          Star-Bulletin get the shoyu chicken recipe as parting gift from Masu.

          Well I am just a monkey man, I'm glad you are a monkey woman too.


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            Re: Masu's Massive Plate Lunch closing

            Aloha Masu's! Mahalo foa the many years of Onolicious Kaukaus!

            Masu's Aloha Weekend Special: $6.80
            (Lau Lau, Kalua Pig, Charcoal Broiled Teriyaki
            Chicken, Baked Spam and Shoyu Hot Dogs)
            Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
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              Re: Masu's Massive Plate Lunch closing

              Hoped to pick up a t-shirt from there before they closed (when we were on O`ahu in January); didn't have time. C'est la vie. Glad I got to eat there on previous occasions, though.


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                Re: Masu's Massive Plate Lunch closing

                I went there at 3:45pm yesterday 2/27. There were only 6 people in line. I waited for an hour! to buy 6 lau lau plates with teri sauce on the rice. they ran out of everything else as I expected before I went. Why did I wait so long? because other people were buying 12 Lau Laus and 8 plates and so on. Only 2 other guys in front of me got 1 plate each. But the lau laus werent as good as Saturdays. They were kinda soggy. oh well the good memories are still in my brain. My son complained "Gee now I won't get to grow up with this place! like you did dad." I laughed and said "Yeah maybe now we can lose some weight!"

                I hope another restaurant uses the recipe for the teri chicken. Post it up if another place has the same taste.

                Aloha Masus....thanks for the grinds.

                Oh yeah and we got the last of the shirts too.....

                Today they are raffling off all the memoirs/collectibles after closing! so put your name in.