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Anyone here familiar with ""?

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  • Anyone here familiar with ""?

    I've had one of their free e-mail accounts for several years; it's the one I use on a business card as well. As of last night, they changed their login page, and it no longer recognizes my login information, from either home or work. I get an error message saying that my account is "not recognized" by their system.

    So I tried to set up a new account with them, and I get an error message saying "account is already in database."

    I go to their FAQ/Contact Us page, and there is a form at the bottom to send them a message, but when I try to use it, I get a JavaScript error each time.

    There is no other contact information on their webpages, so I'm wondering if anyone here knows this company or how to get in touch with them. Not being able to access one of my e-mail accounts, as you can imagine, is a bit of a problem.
    ETA) I found an e-mail address on the site, for their Director of Sales, so I sent an e-mail, as it was the only address I've found. Guess what? It bounced: "user unknown."
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    Re: Anyone here familiar with ""?

    I have an email account with them too, although I hardly ever use it. So, after reading your post I tried logging in and got the same error. I did find this on the site, though:

    LoadMail is our FREE! E-Mail provider. If you are experiencing difficulties logging in please contact them directly for support, Mahalo:
    Support Website:
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      Re: Anyone here familiar with ""?

      I saw that, at the end of my workday. They must have been having 24-hours of problems, so they posted someone else people should contact. (I did send e-mails to random addresses, like "help@...", "info@...", "webmaster@...", to see if I would get any response; some bounced, but some did not.)

      Most important, however, the new login page that included the contact info did work, and I got in. But combine this with the fact that they've had a number of several-day-long outages in the past year, plus no spam filtering to speak of, means it's time for me to migrate away from this account. With all the freebie e-mail systems now available, no need to waste energy on a crappy one (I have six e-mail addresses at present anyway).