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Doing a local test in the islands

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  • Doing a local test in the islands

    I was thinking of doing a local test of cell phone service on Oahu.

    I'm asking other people how can I do this, as this will help people looking for service.

    I need people who has these services:
    -T-mobile (me)
    -Sprint (possibly my brother when he comes home for a few weeks)
    -Verizon Wireless

    We'll test the coverage area (how many bars we get on our phones), the call clarity, etc and possibly phone reviews (what phones to get, how do they stack up, etc).

    I'll try not to make this a professional review, as we're all cell phone users, and if our results are good enough, then probably we can post this at Hawaii threads' sister sites or even into a newspaper/news station.

    Whoever wants to participate, post what service(s)/phone you have.

    BTW, I have access to the Nokias 3390 and 6010 and a Samsung R225 and I use Tmobile.
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