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WARNING! RingToneTimes - a place to avoid.

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  • WARNING! RingToneTimes - a place to avoid.

    They are based in Shanghi or something, but this company is one of those who offer a cheap ($0.99) trial ringtone. I tried it, it was awful.

    Unless you read VERY carefully, you will later find a monthly charge of $19.95 on your credit card. A call results in "not available, leave a message" forever, and your calls are never returned.

    A call to my CC company revealed that I was powerless to reverse that charge (some international agreements), and that I could only avoid future charges by cancelling my CC and opening a new account (no charge, THANK YOU U.S. BANK, North Dakota), with a new number.

    A few months down the line, I discover that I have an account in "MULTIPLY," evidently a valid, up-and-up organization - even Jerry Vasconcellos has an account and has posted pictures of some of his AWESOME wood carving. (Check it out! Blow the mind!)

    However (cue sinister music...), I start getting emails from people who have signed up to Multiply because of my recommendation, or who are already members and know me (JV). Some however are 'death letters,' saying: "You have violated our posting codes and you are terminated!"

    Sooooo, I do some investigation, and discover that has not only signed me up for MULTIPLY (thank you!), but has also hacked my computer, downloaded my email address list, and sent "invitations" to everyone in my address book.

    Oh, and by the way, it seems he/she also dropped half a dozen supervirusclones while they were there, which has made hash of my data. (Thank accomodata for external backup!) - - - (NO MORE Mr. Nice Guy!!!!)

    Whatever, none of this is real anyway.

    Don't we have a 'quick note' list on this site to post quickies such as:


    Actually, it may have been just a single anti-social worker with a grudge for losing his/her cut of the profits; the company may be OK, - I do not know and do not desire to track it.

    My next computer will be a hack-proof abacus, and I'm locking it.

    Caveat empetor... and I forgot to Cave.

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