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  • Vista 64 bit

    Hi guys,

    I have two laptops. I just picked up Vista Ultimate that comes with both the 32 and 64 bit version DVD's. I just installed the 32 bit on one laptop, and want to install the 64 bit on the other one. There was just one key so I am assuming Microsoft will reject my activation when I try to 'activate' the 64 bit one.

    My question is how much would a Vista 64 bit Key cost? I perused Microsofts site and googled but the answers all varied from $50-$250. I don't want to buy another disk or package. I just want a new key.

    Anyone know?

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    Re: Vista 64 bit

    Well the first question that needs to be asked is if that other laptop has a 64 bit processor.


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      Re: Vista 64 bit

      Oh yeah, sorry.

      Yes both have.