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    This article:

    Basically, about a guy using a 3D printer to manufacture a AR-15 clone (that uses .22 ammo). But then, this isn't big news, I'm sure a person who's a skilled metal worker could cobble together a working firearm very easily.

    To me, the more worrisome use of this technology would be to create a small concealable firearm, like in the movie "In The Line of Fire". But again, in the movie, the guy didn't use a 3D printer to make his gun.

    I suppose my concern would be too many people could make small untraceable guns. A flood of .22, .25, or .32 semi-auto pistols could cause untold headaches for a community.

    Anyone's thoughts on this?

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    Re: 3D Printed Guns

    One of the proposals to try and eliminate illegal firearm use was to require full registration of all weapons, and to buy ammo you would have to document your registration of a firearm in that caliber. The illegal guns would still be out there but it would be more difficult to get ammo - but not impossible - and there's also reloading, so it becomes a slippery slope. You'd have to somehow limit primers and powder, and probably make lead illegal, too.

    No matter what the government does, criminals will always be able to get guns AND ammo.
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