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  • Windows 8

    The new operating system will take a little while to get used to.

    The underlying software is very agile for a behemoth like Redmond

    There must have been some very interesting squabbles taking place just a few

    blocks from the Fred Meyer after lunch.

    There is an Arbies sandwich joint nearby that has a cool dining area

    and a scrumptious menu.

    after all that programming those lads need some tasty Munchies!

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    Re: Windows Eight

    Will this offer be in Hawaii too?


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      Re: Windows Eight

      I am not sure yet,WB.

      The Best Buy stores have announced a hundred dollar off windows 8 computers

      this week . If that offer is not valid in Hawaii it would be a big mistake.
      In fact it would be an insult to the citizens of Hawaii.

      I took close note of Sinofsky leaving when he did.

      The Value Village store in Redmond has often had some prototype

      abandoned 'soft hardware for sale.

      There is a Half-price books only a few blocks away.

      Downtown Redmond has a few nice taverns where one may meet

      disgruntled programmers .
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        Re: Windows Eight

        Had to buy a new computer which runs Windows 8 to replace the one that was slowly dying which is running Windows 7. I guess this is the first time I was using an operating system at home that I never had a chance to play around at work.

        It does take getting used to using Windows 8.


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          Re: Windows Eight

          Howdy Helen ,

          The response to 8 has been mixed The lack of a start button and a familiar

          desktop is disconcerting.

          Microsoft has been forced to put a foot forward into three new markets.


          Tablets, and

          ARM processors instead of intel '86 type cpu s.

          I live in the Puget Sound area and if msft collapsed the local economy would take a big hit.

          However, I think that the Redmond mavens should listen to the customers more , rather than cramming these "improvements" down the consumers throats.
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            Re: Windows Eight

            Only a few machines in my office have been "upgraded" to Windows 8, and based on our experience, nobody else is volunteering to join us. It feels incomplete, like a first step to a world where touch interfaces even on desktops are the norm... but we're not there yet, and Windows definitely isn't. I work entirely in the old-school desktop environment, and whenever I accidentally trigger a Windows 8 element (from the tiles to the "charms"), I quietly curse.


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              Re: Windows 8

              I am slowly installing applications on the Windows 8 computer, roughly around 2 or 3 applications per day. Yesterday was the iTunes so that I can deal with my iPod (since I had a dental appointment today, needed to listen to music while under nitrous oxide). Was planning to install QuickTime but according to the Apple web site it didn't list Windows 8 as a supported operating system, so I attempted to go to the Apple Trailers site ( to watch a trailer, expected it to complain that I don't have QuickTime installed on the computer, but it downloaded the trailer I wanted to see and after it was done, I clicked on the file and it took me to the video part of the Start screen. Was able to view the downloaded trailer with no problem.


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                Re: Windows 8

                I had to purchase a new laptop last January because the lid hinge broke on my Windows 7 machine and I was afraid the data feed cable was going to break. The new laptop runs Windows 8 (but with no touchscreen). My response to Windows 8 is........?????? I don't get it! The system has no utility for me. I have it set up to run what looks like Windows 7 with traditional desktop and it works fine in that mode.

                I talked to the staff at Staples yesterday and they said they have not had a good response to Windows 8 from their customers. In their opinion the program is incomplete and Windows 9 is supposed to fix all the problems. It looks like another "Vista" disaster.
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                  Re: Windows 8


                  New coke.