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  • 808 VoIP provider

    It seems as if though phone companies need to have a presence in Hawaii to offer the lucrative 808 area code. Has there been any change regarding this matter lately? I'm still looking for a VoIP provider that I can port my 808 number to.

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    Re: 808 VoIP provider

    Since nobody has answered this thread I will offer my opinion and past experience in this area.
    I can say there are many companies offering plans that will do the job. Personally I use Google Talk which is a free basic service offering unlimited calls and text anywhere in the U.S.

    Google talk does allow such a transfer of you local number.
    However I would research their forums first and see what users are experiencing in your area before you decide.

    I have been using this service for the last 2 years since they offered it free to create users back in 2011 and never really had any problems with connection or losing calls and the transfer of my personal cell was easy enough to turn on ad off instantly without any hiccups.
    Google has a very extensive community forum/s that have every question answered possible as their moderators are good about answering the unanswered questions like Microsoft does on their site.
    What I love most is it operates right out of your Gmail acct, which is great for multitasking and through your Gmail settings there are labs that can move its location within the Gmail page.
    The features offer everything possible from SMS, MMS, while its multi functions integrate your contacts into the chat window and can be used off or online, there many apps to use also. Any missed calls are logged directly into your email while a recorded message can also be reviewed.

    Pricing and fee's for what you want to use it for are reasonable.
    Would I recommend it? Yes BUT become familiar with the Google talk plugin overriding advanced firewall settings as I noticed my special inbound and outbound rules I have blocking the plugin are always turning themselves back on every time I enter Gmail and becomes very redundant.
    The other thing I am diligent about is I ALWAYS shut off my Microphone upon every exit when using the service from my PC.
    You could choose any company you want to but why? they all are riding on the backs of the Google servers and that's like going to McDonalds to order a whopper with cheese, it makes no sense. Limit your computer's access to third parties especially if you are already a Gmail customer.

    I would start here and play with the free version and give it a test run before giving Google any $$ first.
    Spend some time setting it up and becoming familiar with labs and apps for the service.
    On a scale from 1-10 I give the Google talk plugin a strong 8.
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      Re: 808 VoIP provider

      Does Google Voice really have 808 numbers? I've been trying for years to get one. On the Google voice screen where you can select a new number, Goog Voice always says that 808 numbers are not available. And when I try to port a 808 number to Google Voice, it says that it can't do it because Google doesn't "support that area."

      Perhaps you area doing the next best thing, having your 808 number forward to Google Voice? Forwarding still gives you many of the Google Voice features, but you have to pay for calls being forwarded.

      Or perhaps you have Sprint, which I understand has a special arrangement that might allow true Google Voicemail with 808 numbers.


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        Re: 808 VoIP provider

        Yep I have Sprint.
        Seems as if your best solution is to do the forwarding from your 808 number - Google does charge but it is pennies on the dollar.
        I would get a hold of them direct or find a good forum of theirs, they will respond.
        Hope it all works out good for you, let me know!


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          Re: 808 VoIP provider

          I think Google Voice and Skype are both great VoIP providers....for various reasons. However, there are two big issues that keep me from going all VoIP:

          1) They don't offer an 808 number (I still haven't found any cheap VoIP provider that does.

          2) You need a data connection (most of the time this is not a problem, but there are situations where I don't have data)



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            Re: 808 VoIP provider

            Are Google Talk and Google Voice two different things or both the same. I have Google Voice but don't have Google Talk. Google Voice comes in very handy for making free long distance calls to anywhere in the U.S. and also free text messages. I don't own a cell phone but can still do this with my computer (voice and text) and landline (voice only).

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              Re: 808 VoIP provider

              amagab, I've never used them but I saw that Onesuite.Com has 808 numbers, although when I looked I only saw Big Island or Molokai numbers.

              Another service I've seen 808 numbers on is ("" is their web address)

              I have never used but last time I looked I did see Honolulu numbers

              If you use either of these services, please let me know if they are any good.
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                Re: 808 VoIP provider

                mel, I think Google Voice and Talk are different things.

                Voice is for calling phone numbers, and Talk is for contacting others by email address for voice and/or keyboard chatting and messaging. And then you can go one step further and get Google Chat, which adds webcam video like Skype, etc.