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  • Puppy Linux

    This nifty little operating system can revive very old laptops and desktop computers.

    The system can be run from a cd or dvd without installing to a hard drive.

    Installing puppy linux to a hard drive is somewhat harder than ubuntu.

    Get used to using Gparted on a few experimental drives.

    After fiddling comes the music.

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    Re: Puppy Linux

    Hung chow!
    At my advanced age and degraded capabilities I have a hard time getting my mind to wrap around such possibilities.

    Is there a one-button, easy fix?
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      Re: Puppy Linux

      I once made a boot CD with that and got one of my Intel Macs to boot no problem. Just like Ubuntu. I would not put it on a hard drive though. Fun to mess with for a while.
      I'm still here. Are you?


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        Re: Puppy Linux

        The distribution has a very small footprint on a hard drive.

        About 125 Mb .

        The installed system will give a very compact device that once housed

        the now revered "Windows 95" operating system.

        Now keep in mind , that the vast numbers of users will keep their fave operating system afloat.

        Kinda like the "Raft " on Gilligans Island.

        It was actually a communal barbeque pit.

        Let the roast begin.

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          Re: Puppy Linux

          It is best to be careful when fiddling with computers
          The slowest processor I have used was an old hp pavillion desktop

          pizza box running at 200 Mhz and 64 megs ram.

          Yeah, it was slow, but that is better than nothing.

          using Xandros 3.0.

          The practical low end to get a reasonably fast processor is about 500 Mhz

          for decent video display, and hopefully a half gig of ram.

          VLC is a cross platform video player that will work (after some work)

          on almost everything.