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Bought one last Tablet

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  • Bought one last Tablet

    I got another device.
    the Proscan 4.3 inch android device
    The tipping point was the hdmi out.
    I can hook the tiny device up to the big plasma TV.

    Running ice cream sandwich the device is super cheap at fifty dollars.

    Getting the wifi working took a bit of fiddling.

    Video support is good, and the wee computer plays most mp4 stuff with ease.

    I am amazed that this product can be sold at a profit.

    The wifi sensitivity is quite respectable.

    It comes rooted out of the box and apk files can be sideloaded with no problems.
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    Re: Bought one last Tablet

    Adding a bit here to clarify.

    I obtained the tablet at big lots. The cost was 49.99 plus sales tax.

    The screen is capacitive touch.

    The cpu is 1.0 Ghz.

    There are 512 mb ddr3 ram.
    Front facing camera .3mp (lo res, but heck it works).

    Android 4.0.

    Getting HDMI out to work needed going to settings and choosing display options.

    There is a check box that will need to be selected to get hdmi out to work.

    The hdmi output is off as out of the box.