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Supermoon arriving Soon

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  • Supermoon arriving Soon

    On the 22nd and 23rd the Moon will be at a large size ideal for back yard

    astronomers to film.

    Recently an amateur videographer snapped a transit of the International Space Station

    crossing the view of the Moon.

    The image looked ever so much like the starship Enterprise.

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    Re: Supermoon arriving Soon

    Originally posted by lensperson View Post
    On the 22nd and 23rd the Moon will be at a large size ideal for back yard
    Of course you need a big back yard, like mine. Now, if it will only stop raining and the clouds clear away!
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      Re: Supermoon arriving Soon

      The moon is going to be bright. I gotta wear shades.


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        Re: Supermoon arriving Soon

        We got clouded in so the only footage I got was the stuff up on Cougar Mt.

        There is a development going up there , and it has superb vistas

        of Puget Sound.

        On the 4th of July there should be some hella good

        video opportunities up there.

        The underground bunkers at the park go down at least three levels.

        The launch site was near the newcastle golf club.

        At the park the entrance to the command structure is sealed with a large concrete plug.

        There was power meter on the wall, and the wheel was still spinning,

        registering power demand in the hidden chambers below.