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The future of yahoo mail

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  • The future of yahoo mail

    I just got an invite to use Yahoo Mail Beta,and I thought I'd share it with everyone. click to view screenshots (ironic, that I'm using Yahoo photos to share pics about Yahoo mail beta)
    How'd I get so white and nerdy?

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    Re: The future of yahoo mail

    Redesigned to look more like Microsoft Outlook. Great.

    I've done Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail, and to be sure, there'll be another latest and greatest soon enough. But for now, I'll stick with Gmail.


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      Re: The future of yahoo mail

      I've been a loyal Eudora user for 11 years and don't know whether another newsreader has the same feature that's so important to me. That is...mailboxes (folders) that can be copied to a hard drive. Now, being that I'm untechie I'd better explain that a little better!

      I set up individual mailboxes for each of my film projects. Once the job is over I archive the mailbox (folder) by copying it over to that project's job folder on the hard drive. I can then delete it from the Eudora mailbox list while still maintaining access in case I need it in the future.

      As a 'Mail' capable of doing this? What about web based email? Come to think of it, I recently joined Apple's ProCare. I guess I could ask them!