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Installing Linux for a basic computer user

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  • Installing Linux for a basic computer user

    I know there's a few geeks out there who dabbed in both Windows and Linux, so maybe you can help me get some insight in this matter.

    I've been thinking a lot about my clients for my work lately, and it seems like most of the people's spyware/virus problems can be solved by just installing Linux or even using a LiveCD. They can do anything they want (visit websites, work on their projects, watch videos), but at the push of the restart button, they can be back at a clean desktop.

    Who else can see this pulling through? Any other thoughts?
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    Re: Installing Linux for a basic computer user

    Linux is great! I've been using Kubuntu exclusively on my laptop for a long time and I absolutely love it. Yes it would take care of the spyware/virus problems, and for those just surfing the web web, emailing, watching dvd's, youtube, etc. it would fair just fine. However, I wouldn't start handing out linux to your average joe clients. For the average computer users even the most trivial changes to their computing experience can cause anxiety.

    It really depends on who's computer it's be going on and what that users needs were. Start your own blog now, for free! - my blog! - personal site DOWN ATM


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      Re: Installing Linux for a basic computer user

      Yeah its not for everyone. Some folks have a difficult time if you take away the Windows that they are familiar with.

      But the nice part about Linux is that you can get it for free. Legally.


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        Re: Installing Linux for a basic computer user


        I'm all for it and I'm in no way a linux fr... er supporter

        I found SUSE to be most user friendly right out of the box and that's for my wife who's about as technical as a... (insert a disparaging but not too hurtful comment here). She does her business, logs off and that's that. She did object, however. Sigh. I have to say I personally love surfing with firefox while on linux. With Windows it feels like a minefield. Ubuntu is real popular too and there are some prepackaged solutions that can satisfy anyone. The little penguin gets too much bad rap as being "difficult" and linux people are not helping either. Compile, compile from scratch!
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          Re: Installing Linux for a basic computer user

          I think Linux is pretty safe even if you take no precautions at all. I've installed it dozens of times, using Slackware, and over the last 15 years or so only had one system invaded, without ever paying much attention to security. There are lots of free security tools, though I don't know much about them, and there is at least one distribution specializing in security. Using a live CD sounds essentially foolproof to me, though I haven't done it.