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  • Misdirected Email

    Have any of you sent an email to the wrong person? I once did... to of all people, my boss. Not my supervisor, but the biggie. I took issue with an email the boss sent regarding a new policy, and wanted to correspond with my pal at work. But instead of forwarding to my pal, I hit 'reply' back to the sender. I said some awful things -- not about the boss, but about the policy.

    I remember hitting 'send', then looking at my boss' name... and I sat there in total shock. I was frozen in fear, for... I don't know how long. Then I called her secretary to ask where the boss was? She said, she's at her computer.

    Well, nothing came of it. She never brought it up, and I didn't get fired.

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    Re: Misdirected Email

    Friday afternoon, right about 5:15 p.m. or so, when I figured I'd be pau with work, I had to send out a release for our client. So I got it ready, attached the release and the photo, and sent on to a number of Oahu media types the entire exchange between my boss, our client and myself as well as the note to the press. When I realized what had happened, I went over the entire email to see what I had included and fortunately, nothing was inflamatory! These things only happen once. Yep, the boss noticed, I did my mea culpa, and vowed never to do that again. And that's how I wrapped up my first week on the job!
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      Re: Misdirected Email

      I think the majority of us who've used email for any length of time have done the same thing and experienced that same feeling of horror! Ditto for usenet...posting a reply to the newsgroup instead of emailing the reply to the intended person. It takes making that mistake only once or twice before one gets the message to "read the fv¢&!ng headers" before hitting send!


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        Re: Misdirected Email

        I was trying to keep my new location a secret from my family this week I accidentally sent an email to a very distant relative. Saying I was moving to Virginia!!! everyone knows...
        Totally MY fault!
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          Re: Misdirected Email

          At the Gas Company everybody got a company wide email regarding corporate policy. One senior exec decided to put his two-cents worth and replied to the sender what he thought about it and how it affected "certain" employees.

          He ended up "replying to all" and his response went to everybody's email which included the "employees" he mentioned as well as the entire Citizen's Energy Services nationwide right up to the CEO...BIG
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            Re: Misdirected Email

            my wife wrote an e-mail to her co-worker telling her about how she just wasn't making enough money to pay the bills and how she was actively looking for another job. Rather than creating a new e-mail, she replied to one that apparently had her boss CC'd on it. She didn't know what she had done till her boss replied to her saying it was unfortunate that she felt that way. Ultimately, after meetings with her boss, she got what she wanted (was promised) and wound up transferring to another region where a better paying position opened up.


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              Re: Misdirected Email


              Heck. I do dis ALL dee time!

              One time I sent an all Wahine one to a Congressman (guess who?) and sent him an apology. He sent me back an email and told me das ok...and laughed. Great man is he.

              Onnada time I sent my Pastor one.


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