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General Election Day - 2008

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  • General Election Day - 2008

    The purpose of this thread is to chronicle one's experience at the polling places today (seems to be a tradition here), like where you voted, where there any long lines, problems (or lack of) with getting your ballot cast, that sort of thing. Please don't use this thread to discuss who you voted for or why, there are other threads that discuss the various issues and if one does exist for a particular race by all means create the thread for it.

    That being said, let me start off to say that my polling place is at Washington Middle School, I got there just before 9am, the longest line there was the one I had to use to get my ballot, but lucky it only had 3 other people in front of me when I showed up.

    The didn't ask me if I wanted a paper ballot or use the electronic polling machine, they just handed me a paper ballot, which was fine by me and there were a couple of open polling booths out of 10 or 12 they had setup there.

    After marking the ballot which I think took the longest time me being there, I took the ballot to the scanning machine, which took it with no problem. I think I was there no more than 10 or 12 minutes.

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    Re: General Election Day - 2008

    I voted last week at City Hall and it was quick and easy, but I found it interesting that you were simply given the paper ballot to use, as that's how I did it the two times I was precinct chair. It's easier for the poll persons, saves a lot of hassles, and play's upon the sheep mentality we often have. Few ever asked for anything else, but I'm betting lot's more would today.


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      Re: General Election Day - 2008

      I voted on Saturday at Kapolei Hale. They had 10 electronic machines and one in the middle was broken. No paper ballet option. You went in the room, filled out a green paper and then went to another table to get your district numbers on the bottom and then went outside and stood in the longer line. Showed up at 10:50am and was done by 12:15pm.

      It was a little strange tho. There were people at the entrance in red inside-out Mufi shirts directing people. Their tone was very odd - it was as if they didn't want people to stand in line and vote. Everytime they told someone that the wait was an hour or more, they made it sound like it was taking foreevverrrr.

      Everyone I saw was willing to wait. I had my son strapped on my chest and there was a young girl and mom behind us that were entertaining him the entire time. Toward the end, a woman in a wheelchair w/ oxygen showed up and her caretaker(i think?) looked discouraged by the line, but the woman was adament about voting. A woman a few people behind me let her cut in line eventho she said she had extra oxygen in the car. My son started acting up as he was tired, but once he saw the screen of the machine, he perked up and was very interested lol. Future voter...and future nerd


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        Re: General Election Day - 2008

        The hubby & I both voted by mail. I liked it a lot since i had time to study the questions and didn't feel pressured to hurry up due to a long line. And it's convenient to just do it at home and not have to drive to the polling place and wait in line, or worry about finishing work in time to make it there.
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          Re: General Election Day - 2008

          I pau Vote!

          Early dis morning, I met my fellow supporters of Ann Kobayashi at Headquarters. We rode the Trolly with Ann all ova Oahu. Stopping in Kapolei and Waianae. It was FuN and exciting. People were blasting their car horns, waving and shouting.

          We stopped in Nanakuli to have lunch. People shouted from the campsites and a woman came up to say she voted for Ann! Awesome.

          Ann on the trolly.

          Auntie Lynn
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            Re: General Election Day - 2008

            My Ballot took by my cell phone at the polls today. Vote blank on Bainum. We deserve a choice!
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              Re: General Election Day - 2008

              I voted this morning at Ala Wai Park. Government employee so I got the day off work. It took longer for me to walk over there than it did to actually vote. They had tables set up by name sections (A-E, etc) so I had to wait for my table, but the "line" was just me waiting for the guy in front of me to get his ballot. When I finished voting there was a line of maybe four people to put their ballots in the ballot box. At one point one of the people controlling the line asked me to step to one side, only he grabbed my arm to lead me over to the side, which I didn't really appreciate, I could have easily walked there on my own, thanks. But otherwise no complaints, it was honestly quicker and easier than if I'd had to take the bus downtown to do early voting.
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                Re: General Election Day - 2008

                Voting felt so good that I did it twice.


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                  Re: General Election Day - 2008

                  Got there at 6:59. 13 people in line before me. Smooth as silk at Painted Church, Honaunau.

                  For Cannabis
                  Yes on Con Con
                  Yes on Civil/Criminal distinction
                  Yes on Auditor access to County
                  and some others, I can't remember.

                  Did not know, at the time, that my next 4 years are FREE BAR.

                  I almost feel like I won.
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                    Re: General Election Day - 2008

                    From the Capital Notebook. Looks like a tide of blankness.

                    "A whopping 42.6% of the ballots in the District 5 City Council race were left blank. Duke Bainum ran unopposed and won the seat."