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Population outpacing housing supply

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  • Population outpacing housing supply

    Housing production is left in the dust as population grows

    "Two thousand homes a year. That's roughly how much Oahu's housing market is losing ground each year as the growth in population outstrips the production of new homes. [...] Tian calculates that 3,525 new homes need to be added on Oahu annually to match the anticipated 1 percent population growth, assuming 2.8 people per household. Over the last three years, there were 1,612 residential units approved for construction per year on average. That leaves a deficit of 1,913 homes."

    Lack of housing inventory on Oahu could be 'the issue of our time'

    "The record median price of single-family home on Oahu that was set in December was $685,000, while the median family income was $72,000. She compared those numbers to national numbers, in which the median price of a single-family home is around $200,000, with a median family income of around $55,000, she said.... Tian said that Oahu's housing shortage is severe, with a short supply of almost 12,600 units. He said that statewide, planned housing units are now only at 46 percent of what they were between 2001-2010."

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    Re: Population outpacing housing supply

    One solution is to move to the outer islands.
    O`ahu has become the LA of the Pacific.
    Moving industries to outer islands would be helpful, as jobs are short.
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      Re: Population outpacing housing supply

      'They' were talking last nite about moving millions of people to Australia and other foreign countries should the caldera at Yellowstone become unstable, so Hawaii will be highly eyed and no housing boom will suffice.