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  • Ruby Tuesday

    Went to Ruby Tuesday at Ala Moana for dinner on Tuesday. Had a pasta dish with all you can eat salad for around $17.

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    Re: Ruby Tuesday

    Well? How was it? What was the pasta dish? How would you rate the service? Was it a good salad?
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      Re: Ruby Tuesday

      We have Hawaii's first Ruby Tuesday in Mililani. They definitely had growing pains at first, and all I remember from the first couple of visits was waiting foreverfor only mediocre, not-competitively-priced meals. However, I must be the forgiving type, because we've gone back several times since.

      The salad bar is pretty good, and has the added benefit of "no wait to eat." My wife likes their French onion soup, which is large and tasty (though I'll take the smaller, simpler version at Nick's Cafe in Mapunapuna). The menu so far strikes me as only okay, maybe an upscale Yum Yum Tree, circa 1995. But, at least the Mililani location is family friendly (but Chili's also excels on that point as well).

      I haven't had anything I really love, and the kitchen is still slow (I know not to blame the servers). But, since it's literally down the street from where we live, I guess it'll get our business now and then.


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        Re: Ruby Tuesday (Ala Moana Center)

        Ruby Tuesday Hawaii Matches $1 for Every Can of Food Donated to the Hawaii Foodbank.

        Ruby Tuesday Hawaii is offering the public a chance to receive Ruby Tuesday gift certificates just for donating cans of food to the Hawaii Foodbank on April 16th, the Foodbank's Statewide collection day. The public is welcome to make donations at the Ala Moana Center location. Gift certificates are limited to $10 per person and all donations will be accepted during normal business hour.

        Ruby Tuesday is also a year-round drop off site for the Hawaii Foodbank.


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          Re: Ruby Tuesday

          I think the salad was good, I only had one serving but I guess the next time I go there I will just have the salad bar and go at least twice. The pasta dish was okay.

          Service was okay, if you didn't mind being called "sweetie", but since I was by myself I got stuck next to the enterance to the kitchen.