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    Re: Best/Worst McDonald's

    A buck-50 for a cup of joe ain't that bad considering the times. But McDonalds does serve a good cup of standard joe to seniors for 50-cents.

    Geez I'm only 47 but occasionally I do get charged only half a buck for a morning cup of coffee. The younger the cashier, the greater the chance. Must be the increasing white hairs and my 4-year old Jesse with me. People think he's my grandchild!

    As far as the worst McDonalds here in East Hawaii...for french fries the Keaau branch forgets to add the vital salt ingredient most of the times but their wait period is definately short during the morning commute as opposed to the Puainako McDonalds.

    But a hot batch of salty fries at the Waimea/Kamuela McDonalds is a great treat on those cold blustery evenings there.
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      Re: Best/Worst McDonald's

      Originally posted by helen View Post
      The McDonald's of Keeaumoku is now open.
      I just noticed that passing by the other day. Really nice and very modern. Not sure, but it looks like there's a McCafe in there now.

      My sister said as far as food quality control and service, most of the McDonald's restaurants here in Hawaii are better than the ones they used to go to in Missouri. Go figure.

      I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me the L&L restaurants in California or New York are better than the ones here in Hawaii.
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        Re: Best/Worst McDonald's

        Awwww! What happened to the McDonalds that I knew and loved and was a manager for back in Hawaii so long ago?!

        We were all so well McNuts about QSC (quality, service, much freaked about those surprise inspections that could come at any time and hurt not only our employmen ratings, but our pride...we all worked so hard training our crews to be as OCD (err..caring) as we were about everything to do with operations, especially customer service.

        Where did Pat Kahler go? Did he retire?

        He was young and charming and energetic and got us all to be McFreaks. Picnics and trips to Disneyland and meetings and rallies and conferences and training days and trips to Chicago to learn even more....incentives and bonuses and conventions and hotels and even a night out at The Stoplight...we all cared so much. We even fell in love and married each other...or had babies with each other.

        We had hostesses and buy-one-get-one deals and bingo nights and birthday parties and kukuinut leis. Crew picnics and competitions and rap sessions and in-house promotions to build better teams. Ronald telephones and french fry radios and gold pens.

        What happened?

        Did selling off the store franchises to the old-time managers kill the idea of QSC? Did people get lax, once the place was theirs, and they didn't have the threat of being transferred to another store hanging over their heads? Was fifty or seventy or a hundred stores to many? Was there too much, too many choices, too much paperwork? Too few good employees? Lack of unemployment meaning lack of employables?

        I can see, through the Internet, that the Hawaii I once knew has changed in the many long years since I have gone....but McDonald's?!

        This is too difficult to take.
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          Re: Best/Worst McDonald's

          Originally posted by SusieMisajon View Post
          [...]We were all so well McNuts about QSC (quality, service, cleanliness...[...]
          Before I moved to Hawaii I worked on many McDonalds national commercials, almost always shot on location at one of the restaurants and always with McD reps on set. I think they were called technical assistants. If there was any floor mopping, counter cleaning, etc. shown on camera there was a correct way to do it. I was terribly impressed by the QSC! It sounds like there were lotsa perks when you were the manager. I don't know whether or not that still exists.
          and even a night out at The Stoplight...[...]
          (hopefully not in uniform!!!)
          or had babies with each other.

          [...]What happened?[...]
          The only thing unchanged in life is it's ability to change!

          It's been a few years since she left, but I still miss Ruby, who worked the drive up window at the Beretania McDs. She was close to my age, painfully shy and the ultimate sweetheart. I'd go out of my way to patronize that location just because of Ruby.


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            Re: Best/Worst McDonald's

            Originally posted by Pomai View Post
            I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me the L&L restaurants in California or New York are better than the ones here in Hawaii.
            Well allow me to not surprise you.

            The L&L Restaurants I ate at in California were way better than the ones here in Hawaii. The quality difference was so vast, I actually questioned they were of the same franchise. I never eat L&L here. I always ate it in Cali. Go figure.

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              Re: Best/Worst McDonald's




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                Re: Best/Worst McDonald's


                Big Macu, attacku!


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                  Burger King Tries Something McDonald's Failed At (

                  You don't think of chicken wings at McDonalds


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                    Hawaii McDonald's bids aloha to island favorite (

                    I have never had saimin at McDonald's.


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                      The Secret to Big Mac Sauce, According to a Former McDonald’s Chef (

                      The secret is that the sauce will taste the same all your life.


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                        For National Cheeseburger Day on September 18, McDonald's giving them away for free, after $1 purchase | Local |

                        Cheeseburger in Paradise.


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                          The McRib is back, but possibly for the last time, McDonald's hints (

                          The McRib has more comebacks than Halloween's Michael Meyers.


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                            Following other re-releases, McDonald’s fans want this item to return to menus nationwide | KHON2

                            It's a snack. But fills like a meal.


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                              McDonald's axes many menu items including some fan favourites (

                              I like the fried apple or haupia pies. But, I haven't eaten one in a long time.