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  • Anagram your name

    A fun site is Click on "internet anagram server." You can enter in a name or combination of words and the server will spit out a zillion anagram combinations.

    I entered in my birth name and it comes out, "Puke a Pretty Garlic" (I thought that sounded better than "A Gritty Pecker" if I leave out my middle name)
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    Re: Anagram your name

    Of The 170+ possibilites i dug.......


    that just spoke to me when I saw it!


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      Re: Anagram your name

      I got this using my Oneida role name:

      A A A Odd Unkind Worlds Unknown


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        Re: Anagram your name

        "littler rug" and "utter grill".
        ~ This is the strangest life I've ever known ~


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          Re: Anagram your name

          A couple of choices from the name on my birth certificate made me laugh:
          A Aloha Menses Nun
          A Aloha Semens Nun

          It might be time to legally change my name!


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            Re: Anagram your name

            one anagram for my real name is:
            ever evil sot
            has a certain ring to it.
            the bigger the government the smaller the citizen.


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              Re: Anagram your name

              If I shortend my first name this one I liked from the list....

              MEANT JOKE


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                Re: Anagram your name

                Just call me:

                Airman Lei Ling

                Using my entire name da buggah stay too long and has three A's in the beginning.
                I'm disgusted and repulsed, and I can't look away.


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                  Re: Anagram your name

                  If I use my first name + middle initial + last name, I get bupkis.
                  Drop the initial, I get one result.
                  Use my full name, I get 3,366.

                  I'll let you know when I find a suitable one (though "Leo Lakio" turns into "Aloe Kilo").


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                    Re: Anagram your name

                    Airy This Kook


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                      Re: Anagram your name

                      Out of 262 for my full name... I liked these two best!

                      Jaded Fly Furry Up
                      Lady Duff Perjury

                      And out of 237 for Menehune Man...

                      Mean Hen Menu
                      Enema Hem Nun

                      HaHa! That was fun!
                      Life is either an adventure... or you're not doing it right!!!


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                        Re: Anagram your name

                        So I got: A Damn Pale Arm, A Rad Maple Man, or Dilemma Near Ramp!

                        And a few that I was not able to post due to propriety.

                        Can't think of anything creative this time


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                          Re: Anagram your name

                          I balm cow limbs
                          I call bomb swim
                          I lac womb limbs


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                            Re: Anagram your name

                            I have lots of letters in my name to play with:

                            maniacal heathen welder lynx

                            academia larynx hell hen newt

                            charlatan named wheelie lynx

                            calamari health need new lynx

                            almanac earthed when lei lynx


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                              Re: Anagram your name

                              Fun stuff. My full name has LOTS of letters so I got hundreds of tjhousends of combinations, here's three:

                              A Cad Refereeing Skill Nips Known

                              Feline Landscaper Resowing Kink

                              Feline Landscaper Gone, Kirk Wins

                              So many lines, so little times.
                              Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Taken!
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