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  • Table Salt

    How can I stop
    My table salt absorbing water?
    I've tried rice in the salt and I've even tried
    Putting it in an airtight container
    The only thing that was effective was the airtight container but it is not convenient due to the size

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    Re: Table Salt

    I use a McKesson 'Sea Salt Grinder.' You can select the size of the grind, but you have to put the top back on immediately.
    My salt stays dry until my wife uses it and is too lazy to seal it up immediately.

    Wet salt is one of those 'welcome to Hawai`i' things.
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      Re: Table Salt

      We don't put a salt shaker on the table, so don't need to have a "little shaker" filled. The smaller the volume of salt, the quicker it goes sticky. We just leave our salt in the big round container it comes in, and use the pour spout into the palm of a hand when cooking.

      Our Hwn salt is left in the plastic bag, which we keep in a second zip-lock plastic bag. Reach in, get what you need, reseal the two bags. I've never had Hwn salt go sticky.

      Where you live makes a difference to. It is more problematic in wet areas (windward, mountains), than dry leeward areas.
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