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Good Samaritan helps save stabbing victims

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  • Good Samaritan helps save stabbing victims

    Good Samaritan helps save stabbing victims
    Honolulu police are investigating why a man went on an apparent stabbing rampage early Saturday morning. One person was stabbed in the chest, another in the head, at a heavily-used Kalihi intersection.

    Those two stabbing victims are still alive, thanks to a good Samaritan, who stepped in to help.

    Mike Miles is a hero.

    "It feels rewarding," said Miles.

    He risked his own life to save the lives of two others, and possibly many more.
    Crazy people nowadays.
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    Re: Good Samaritan helps save stabbing victims

    Adrian, "crazy people nowadays" consist of many types. Unfortunately, many go without medications to help them with their dellusions, demons, and whatever ails them. For some they are dual diagnosis which is they suffer from mental illness and another illness which could be alcoholism, drug addictions or both.

    Not all "crazy people" are dangerous. Many like me are functional and can maintain ourselves in the public arena successfully. It is with that in mind that I have made an effort to do just that in writing in my Blog everyday. Sometimes, I share the lighter side of things. Sometimes, what is the horrible truth of depression.

    Medications can only do so much. It is up to the individual and believing in his/her higher power to ease the ugliness. Please do not judge all "crazy people" because of what one person did today.

    Auntie Lynn
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