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Oh come on!! just got this PM

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  • Oh come on!! just got this PM

    Just got this PM.. is it just me or is this guy just a bit lolo???
    Hello? first of all I dont mind being chubby (tho im workin on not to be) but I think its still a bit offending... and besides.. this whole email makes me shudder... no offense but FREAKS!
    just had to post this.. it just... yeah freaked me out.. and *shudder*
    and FYI... im so not the cuddlin type.. the opposite actually.. I have thing for huggin.. I freak out when people try to touch me.. past issues..

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    Default Cuddling help
    My brother needs a girlfriend. He is a bit needy, and you appear to him a bit chubby, and thus cuddly. He wants to make children even though he's 16. Can you help him out. You seem like the type that likes to cuddle lots.
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    Re: Oh come on!! just got this PM

    Entirely subtle!

    "He does want to truly impregnate a Japanese girl so that she won't run away from him, and stay loyal to him in having a baby" + entire cluster**** of the "Learning Japanese" thread =

    Well, congrats to you, I guess

    Okay, no, that's creepy. Trash it, block it, get rid of it. Post haste. The hell is wrong with these guys? For serious.
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      Re: Oh come on!! just got this PM

      This "duo" has been trolling with their antics for some time. Now, they take it offline with this.

      I am Japanese and I like to cuddle, perhaps I need to hook up with these guy(s).

      Send me a PM gents, I like cherry boys.
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        Re: Oh come on!! just got this PM

        OMG!!! That is going too far! I'm sure Admin will take Action.

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          Re: Oh come on!! just got this PM

          Posting the contents of a Private Message to a public thread is unacceptible. If you receive a spam PM or some other unwanted message, contact a moderator directly, and meanwhile use the "Ignore" feature to block further messages.