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Chain chain chain... chain of fools

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  • Chain chain chain... chain of fools

    An interesting Advertiser Breaking News item here shows us:

    "The doors to the University of Hawaii-Manoa's School of Medicine were unchained at 9:30 a.m. today so the school's Board of Regents could start their meeting.
    "Three entry ways to the school had been chained at 8:45 a.m. by a group of about 40 Native Hawaiians who were protesting taro patents by UH-Manoa researchers. The protesters were led by Walter Ritte of Molokai.
    "The protest caused a half-hour delay to the board's meeting. No police were called to the site. Board of Regents chairwoman Kitty Lagareta was the first to enter the building."

    Also see the Star-Bulletin's even more comprehensive story here.
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    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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    Re: Chain chain chain... chain of fools

    Whereas, natural taro is being attacked by some virus(?)
    Whereas, University has developed new resistant strain and patented it
    Whereas, Hawaiians have not come up with a solution to the problem

    Then it seems REAL logical to chain up the doors to the institution in protest.

    Universities are so bad !! Would it be better for taro to die off?

    I love poi.
    Energy answers are already here.


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      Re: Chain chain chain... chain of fools

      Product of taro = poi

      Genetic offspring = son

      Ergo, genetically engineered taro = poison


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        Re: Chain chain chain... chain of fools

        Would it be poison or son of poi?